September 20, 2016

About Centre Tess

CENTRE TESS, provides a one-stop source for products and solutions to problems and issues related to technology,  Solar, thermal and wind energy, security and surveillance for residential, commercial as well as industrial properties. The warm and welcoming ambience of the centre offers an ideal venue for those seeking leading-edge answers to their technology questions.


Telecommunications: Through Groupe-Acces Communications, CENTRE TESS offers high-speed internet in unserved rural areas mainly in the Laurentians. In addition, Groupe-Acces Communications offers voice-over IP telephone service (VOIP), ADSL internet and will soon launch IPTV – a replacement for your cable TV with up to 800 channels delivered via the Internet. It’s a cost-effective alternative from cable TV.


EnergyThe new solar panel technology makes the panels less costly and more effective than even a few years ago and by installing batteries along with the solar panels, this solution can be used as supplemental power (grid tie) or even full off-grid supply. Thermal solar is the ideal solution for hot water, heated floors, pools and spas. It can be used alongside an existing hot water tank which will increase the capacity and provide a longer autonomy.  


Security and Surveillance: Through Staywired Video Solutions, CENTRE TESS offers well-priced camera surveillance with central monitoring and personalized, after-delivery service. The expertise includes alarm systems, automated gates, intercom, motion detectors, access control, private guard dispatch service and other aspects of home and property surveillance. Big brand security services have their limitations. With these alternatives, the customer will have a real person at the other end of the phone.


Through MiCasa-Automation, CENTRE TESS offers heat, light and door access that can be managed remotely by the touch of a button as the customer’s property is readied for its owner’s arrival. With the owner’s departure, in addition to auto-arming the alarm, closure of lights and reduction of heat, a special feature available is the automated water-shutoff to help prevent costly flooding.


The co-owners of CENTRE TESS, Aaron Remer and Jack Allen Abramovitch, have ensured that the centre itself provides a welcoming, home-like and comfortable ambience for those seeking advice and solutions. “We have experts in these fields working on the premises or available by appointment” says Jack. “Aaron and I know that these issues can be intimidating and confusing, so our facility is meant to be reassuring. We don’t just sell technology. We want people to feel comfortable as they seek advice and solutions to their technological needs,” he concludes.


CENTRE TESS is a multi-company facility, located at 100 ch. du Mont Castor, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, where people can find advice and solutions for their Technology, Energy, Security and Solution questions.

CENTRE TESS can be reached at (873) 281-TESS (8377)